What to Expect

The services we deliver are highly customized for your specific business.

Generally, however, our engagements have these elements:

Free Consultation (30 Minutes)

Complete 21 point marketing review. This will reveal the best opportunities to grow your business. If we can’t find one overlooked opportunity to grow your business, we’ll buy you lunch! The complementary consultation takes only 30 minutes of your time.

Month 1

Marketing Effectiveness Assessment

Measure Key Marketing Indicators (KMI)

  • Attraction Rate
  • Lead Capture Rate
  • Lead Conversion Rate
  • Customer Value
  • Referral Rate
  • Value Flow

Gap Analysis: Actual vs Ideal Value Flow

Priortize Imrpovement Opportunties

Set Improvement Goals and Timeframes

Identify Marketing Resource Constraints

Marketing Foundation

  • Competitive Assessment
  • Ideal Customer Personas
  • Core Message
  • Product Packaging and Pricing

Month 2

Marketing Campaign Planning

  • Set Objectives and Key Marketing Indicator (KMI) Goals
  • Design Campaign Flow
  • Implementation Plan (tasks, resources and timelines)

Month 3 to 6

Implementation and Launch

Month 6 to 12

Campaign Performance Assessment and Optimization

Measure Key Marketing Indicators against goals. Make campaign adjustments to optimize performance

Discovery Session (Optional) (1 to 2 weeks)

For businesses that need to shore up the foundations of their marketing strategy ; Ideal customer, patient or client, core message, and key marketing metrics, a discovery session will lay a solid foundation for all future marketing activities, establish a benchmark for measuring performance and, prioritize the growth opportunities we will work on together. A discovery session itself takes about half a day. It may also make sense to engage with customers to gain their insight and/or to analyze customer data to inform your strategic choices.

Campaign Design (1 to 2 weeks)

Once we have established out focus, we hold a strategy session to detail the campaign. In a Campaign Blueprint. We develop irresistible offers, key messages and choose communication channels. We map out the step-by-step flow that will draw prospects to your company, covert them to customers, repeat purchasers and referrers 

Campaign Implementation (30 to 60 days)

With you Campaign Blueprint in had we build all the movinf parts to your campaign including copy, graphic design, web design, e-mails, direct mail pieces, video, in short whatever it takes to make your campaign a reality. 

Campaign Optimization (6 to 12 months)

The final step is to launch your campaign monitor responses and get some sales! While you’ll see results quickly, it will take some time to observe how your audience responds to your message and make adjustments to optimize response. You should expect to go through at least 2 or three iterations of your campaign before you see the true potential realized. (Unless, that is , you are very lucky!)