How We’re Different

We Work Exclusively With Small Businesses

My passion for helping small businesses is what led  to the founding of Cognesis Marketing LLC. Small businesses have unique challenges and need a marketing solution that is right for them. We know that time and money spent on marketing is often at the expense of personal needs so each dollar must be spent wisely. Our lean business model ensures that clients get great value for their money.  We also know that small business owners don’t have lots of time for planning so we will quickly move  into action. Finally we know that small business often don’t have the skilled experts on the payroll necessary to properly develop and execute a marketing program. We are well connected with experts in all areas of marketing and will pull the team together with all the skills needed to get the job done.

We Are Results Driven

It simply doesn’t make sense to invest money in marketing that doesn’t return multiple times the outlay. Our Four Step Customer Attraction Method is designed to produce results and a positive return on investment. We bring science to the art of marketing by carefully testing and measuring response then adjusting to improve performance. No guessing, no hoping. We reduce the risk to your business

The Deming Continuous Improvement Excellence Model

In the 1950’s W. Edwards Deming helped to remake the Japanese auto industry into the world leading powerhouse that it is today by introducing the Deming Cycle . He recommended that business processes be put in a continuous feedback loop so that managers can identify and change the parts that need improvement. The efficacy of this approach has been proven over six decades.

Many businesses fail to apply this wisdom to marketing, in the belief that marketing is more art than science. We respectfully disagree with this view. Our approach recognizes that attracting customers is a business process and like any business process its performance can be improved by following the 4 steps of the Deming cycle: Plan>Do>Check>Adjust

We Leverage Systems, Processes and Automation (Lifecycle Marketing)

Many businesses engage in what we call “random acts of marketing”-  a series of marketing activities with no strategy tying them all together, no repeatable processes, no systems for measuring performance and involving too many mundane manual tasks.

We design your marketing campaigns as a process – a series of steps – communication form you, and response from your prospects. We leverage automation wherever possible to efficiently deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, and we systematically measure response so we know what parts are working well and what parts need to work better.

We’re Not For Everyone

There is no magic bullet in marketing and we don’t make empty promises of dramatic results for minimal effort. Our approach requires hard work from us and our clients. This means we only work with businesses that are passionate about what they do and willing and able to do what it takes to grow dramaticaly. The good news is that hard work, applied with wisdom and following proven marketing principles pays off.

One final thing. Brilliant marketing can’t make up for a poor quality product or service or one that does not deliver solid value. We only work with a few clients at a time so we must be selective. All clients have already established a good reputation for providing value to their customers and simply want to serve more of them.

Our guarantee:

You will see an improvement in your marketing results in 6 to 12 months or we’ll provide one month of services free.*

*For qualified clients only, who are ready willing and able to do their part.

Our Four Step Customer Attraction Method is designed to produce results:

  1. Discovery: We confront the brutal facts of what is going on in your business today. How successful are you at attracting prospects, converting sales? How clear are your target customer focus and your core message? How effective is your media? Form these facts, we set performance benchmarks so we can clearly measure success. 
  2. Marketing Campaign Planning: We develop a “Camapign Blueprint” Designed to move the needle for your business. If we can’t together identify an campaign with a realistic probability to increase your top line by 5x or more the cost of the campaign we won’t move forward.
  3. Campaign Implementation: We make your “campaign Blueprint” real and launch on time and within the agreed upon budget
  4. Campaign Performance Optimization: The secret sauce: we measurer every response and track it back to the dollars spent. This gives deep insight into what’s working and what isn’t so we know exactly what needs to be adjusted to optimize performance