Exclusive Small Business Focus

We’re fanatical about helping small businesses succeed. In fact, we’re Portland Metro’s leader in marketing automation for small businesses. We know what works for small businesses because that's all we do.

Lifecycle Marketing

By implementing Lifecycle Marketing, businesses have dramatically increased lead close rates, doubled revenue, grown their e-mail lists and drastically increased customer value and repeat business.

Return on Investment

Marketing is only successful if it generates revenues many times the cost. If we can’t see a way to get at least a 5 to 1 return on your investment, we won’t take the project! So we provide you with strategy that will work.

We Solve Marketing Problems For business owners

If you are asking yourself some or all of these questions then it may make sense for us to work with you too. The best way to find out for sure is with a free, no obligation consultation, including a 21 point review of your marketing program.

If we can’t find at least one overlooked opportunity to grow your business we’ll buy you lunch! Either way, you can’t lose.

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Get Noticed. Grow Your Business.

Cognesis was founded to help small business owners take advantage of the tremendous power of the internet to connect with customers. Cognesis' Owner, Dave Blanchard, has been a sucessful marketer in leading technology businesses for over a quarter century.

We are committed to seeing our clients' businesses succeed. Our results orientation takes the risk out of marketing -- we guarantee you will see results!

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